Internet prying by the Canadian Government

I’m as outraged and disgusted as the next parent at the fact that there exists pornography that expoits children, let alone the sheer volume of this sick stuff that’s apparently available on the internet. Catching the people responsible for this (the suppliers and purveyors) as well as those who download it (the consumers) is important work, and our Police on every level should be commended for continuing this fight vigorously.

However, our Conservative Government has yet again overstepped its mandate in attempting to drive through recent misguided legislation that would permit Police to gain access to any citizen’s internet usage from the user’s ISP without review or just cause, eliminating the need to request a warrant. Haven’t any of our leaders read “1984” or “Brave New World”?

Had this misguided bit of legislation gone through, who knows to what extend this would have encouraged our Prime Minister and his weak-minded ministers to intrude further into our private lives.

The vast majority of us have nothing to hide, and abhor those who do have the most disgusting things to hide.

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