Photography using film

With digital photo equipment flying off the shelves, and greater and greater pixel densities (Nikon’s new D800 has a 36-MegaPixel sensor), I’d like to make a plea in favour of ensuring that film continues as a beautiful, expressive photo medium.

Fuji Superia 35MM Film Cassette

Fuji Superia 35MM Film Cassette

I believe film should not be permitted to die of loneliness, particularly after is has been used to capture the world’s history and memories for the last 100+ years.  Tragic enough that venerable Kodachrome has gone from the market after decades of being the medium of choice for the world’s best photographers, now it could be that Kodak itself is at risk of disappearing unless it can work some miracles through its Chapter 11 woes.  More remarkably, Kodak’s film division remains profitable (which I find worthy of rejoicing). In a way, that’s not surprising.  Despite the quick uptake of digital cameras, there must still be millions of film (35mm and other) cameras still out there, and still capable of taking as good pictures as they ever did.

Have you ever been amazed at the quality of the photographs in (say) National Geographic Magazine?  The majority were shot on 35MM slide film, and some on print film.

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