Travel to Bratislava, Slovakia

In early December 2011 I had a chance to travel to Europe (Bratislava, Slovakia) for work, and I ended up staying the weekend in Bratislava and in nearby Vienna, Austria to do some sightseeing.

Here are some pictures from Bratislava, Slovakia, a very beautiful old city that I recommend as being well worth a visit. The weather was overcast and cold, but I was still fascinated to be there.

Bratislava Bus Station below the Novy Most (New Bridge)

Bus Station below the Novy Most (new bridge) in Bratislava, Slovakia

This first one shows a series of tall poster images on the support pillars holding up the Novy Most (New Bridge) as it’s about to join street level.  I thought the colouring very interesting in the sodium lamps, as well as the seriousness of the faces.  I don’ t know who these men are.

The second is of carving of a bearded Knight set into the outside wall of a large church, and a crypt (presumably that of the knight in the carving) located outside the walls of a very old church in Bratislava.  This one struck me, as it’s a remarkable combination of ornate carving and a rather odd looking physical posture of the knight who looks like he has difficulty standing (I presume from some old wound or too much time spent astride a horse).

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