Joyo JF-13, JF-14, JF-15 and JF-16 Amp Simulator Settings Worksheet available here

I have created a settings worksheet in PDF form, here:  joyoampsim_worksheet   that can help you remember favorite settings on your:jf13

  • Joyo JF-13 AC Tone
  • Joyo JF-14 American Sound
  • Joyo JF-15 California Sound
  • Joyo JF-16 British Sound    amplifier simulator pedals.  It’s configured to print 3 sets of settings per page on 8.5″ by 11″ paper, with the pedal names across the top (circle one), and space for sound “names” and descriptions.  Enjoy!

Korg I5M User Manual – Hard to find, but now you can find it here (too).


Korg I5M Interactive Music Module

The Korg I5M musical arrangement module is an amazing piece of music technology. I paid for mine what one might pay for a decent used rhythm module, so it was a fantastic deal.

However, it’s not very intuitive (yet) and I’d been searching for an online User Manual.  Several sites had the I5S manual – the one for the unit equipped with a keyboard, but I felt certain the I5M must have come with a manual of its own.

If you’re looking for the I5M User Manual, click here to download it from where I got it (with thanks).  Or, if the above link goes dead, try downloading it from my local copy of I5M manual and consider hosting it on your own site so it becomes easier to find.

Changing battery in Behringer Bass V-Amp

Changing the battery is very simple on the non-pro version of the Behringer Bass V-Amp (the one that looks like a guitar body, not the one that’s rack-mountable).

Preparation:  Unplug the unit – do not have any power going to this unit during this work, in case you drop the battery onto the circuit board when it’s under power – that could short things out and fry something important, after which you’ll be sad. Continue reading

Genz Benz El Diablo 60/60C Guitar Amp favourite tone settings template doc

I have created a 2-sided printable PDF template that allows one to mark and save favourite tone settings for the Genz Benz El Diablo 60-series tube guitar amps.   GenzBenz_Diablo60_SettingsTemplate

Print it out, then pencil in the dial settings you want for various “voicings”. Fill in or checkbox the appropriate arrow to indicate whether using the Warm or Hot channel, and lastly check the Pentode or Triode checkbox to indicate which mode one is running in.  Enjoy, hope this saves you some time. For me, I’m looking forward to really getting to know this amp.

Delighted with my Applause AA-21 acoustic guitar (by Ovation)

I have been enjoying my Applause AA-21 Acoustic guitar. Made by Ovation, Applause is their “budget” line. Actually, to be fair, I’m delighted with it.  I’m looking forward to putting a mic near the neck pointing at the sound hole and seeing how this sounds in a recording – with and without a plug in the sound hole for comparison.

ovation-aa21There’s nothing “budget” about the build or sound of this guitar – great projection, very rounded remarkably “live” tone.  Like all Ovation products, it’s deep rounded-belly body made of Lyrachord (TM)  (a plastic-or-resin/fibre composite as far as I can figure out) that allows for sound to resonate within the body cavity in ways that a wood guitar with its more-or-less parallel front/back can’t match.

The AA-21 is a full-size dreadnought style with the full deep-belly back, so it has both commanding bass and very sparkling highs, and the mids are not scooped out in any way… I’m just delighted with it all around, and it’s putting me in mind to sell my 12-string Epiphone..

Continue reading

Kaman KMD GV100S / GV100SD Circuit Diagram (PDF)

September 2013 I bought a Kaman KMD GV100S British-made hybrid tube guitar amp head (solid-state preamp stage, tube power amp stage, 100W RMS output), which I enjoyed very much for a period, but have since sold, having moved to a Genz Benz Diablo 60C combo amp, all tube/valve.

I was able to get a circuit diagram for the Kaman KD GV100S, which I’m sharing here:  Click KMD_GV100S to download this diagram in PDF format.  Enjoy!