So, I’ve decided to start a blog… not that you should care!

At the overripe old age of 56 (many good friends have kindly assured me I’m  definitely past my best-before date) I have decided to start a blog.

Why now?  Why a blog? What could I possibly hope to achieve? What would my therapist think?  (I can hear him now… knitting his eyebrows and muttering “mmmm hmm!”… actually, he’s lying on his couch right next to me).

Why Now? … because I may not be here tomorrow.  I fully understand perpetual life is not assured, and on the other hand, I may leave the house.

Why a blog? That’s easy… Phoning everyone bored enough to read this would take forever, and I only have 500 Vonage minutes per month.

What about my therapist? That’s EXACTLY the point I’m trying to make, or avoid making.

My only hope is to post comments and observations that will cause the reader to pause, then after a few moments reflection, give a wry little smile, and then grudgingly conclude “What an ass!”.

At very least, I expect these pithy little observations will provide a moment’s amusement, while altering the course of history and the very fabric of space.



About a week ago I remarked to my son that our aging van will be turning over 200,000KM soon, and that I hoped I would actually see that happen to celebrate our “old girl’s” faithful service.  I then continued to drive to and from work for several days, and didn’t give it another thought.

On my way home this evening, I stopped at a light, and by sheer coincidence happened to look down at the dashboard to see this:

Odometer at milestone

Milestone reached – ready for the next 200,000KM