Movie: Jenny’s Wedding – Catherine Heigl

 Totally Charmed by this film

I just finished watching this lovely gem of a movie, and I found it so moving, bittersweet – often quite hilarious, often very touching. Having a sister of my own (that I adore) who is gay and has had similar challenges in getting to her place of love and acceptance, I feel I came to the film as the ideal audience member for this movie’s very involving message and narrative. In my sister’s case, our parents had such initial difficulties coming to terms, yet ultimately they accepted things as they were and grew into much greater, more loving people as a result.
The film is a must-see for anyone that has a friend or family member that is gay or even in any way “different”. I think it speaks to the issues many family members go through in understanding their loved ones who are “different” from them – whatever that might mean. It was very sensitively played, Catherine Heigl is her usual remarkably sensitive, full-dimensional actress – I’ve yet to see her in anything I’d class as even “just OK”, and she truly shines in this, with spunk and determination and such tender sweetness and love for her family – I was totally entranced.

This film is more of an ensemble piece than strictly a story about her and her relationship with her partner, being as much the story surrounding the story of her and her partner.

The actress who played her mum was amazing, and where she blew up in the grocery store and tore a strip out of her gossiping “friends” was worthy of a “best supporting” Oscar.

Tom Wilkinson as her father was, as one has come to expect from Tom Wilkinson, completely in the role, completely the man he portrayed. He’s truly a gem, and all of the cast of this wonderful, quirky, engaging, tear-inducing diamond were subtle, textured, 3-dimensional.

I will watch this one again, and introduce it to a select group of friends that I know will stick with it and see the story for what it is – the story of acceptance and love, and family, that can transcend everything.

Well done, all – this was time out of my life that I’ll never regret, and will gladly spend again sometime.


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