Delighted with my Applause AA-21 acoustic guitar (by Ovation)

I have been enjoying my Applause AA-21 Acoustic guitar. Made by Ovation, Applause is their “budget” line. Actually, to be fair, I’m delighted with it.  I’m looking forward to putting a mic near the neck pointing at the sound hole and seeing how this sounds in a recording – with and without a plug in the sound hole for comparison.

ovation-aa21There’s nothing “budget” about the build or sound of this guitar – great projection, very rounded remarkably “live” tone.  Like all Ovation products, it’s deep rounded-belly body made of Lyrachord (TM)  (a plastic-or-resin/fibre composite as far as I can figure out) that allows for sound to resonate within the body cavity in ways that a wood guitar with its more-or-less parallel front/back can’t match.

The AA-21 is a full-size dreadnought style with the full deep-belly back, so it has both commanding bass and very sparkling highs, and the mids are not scooped out in any way… I’m just delighted with it all around, and it’s putting me in mind to sell my 12-string Epiphone..

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