Some of my Voice-Over Demos

A couple of years ago, I took several courses on Freelance Announcing, taught by a really great talent, Earl Sky at and learned a great deal.  Thanks to the amazing people I met in this class,  I had way more fun than a person as a right to have, and I miss our evening classes together.

Condenser Microphone

These courses culminated in the creation of a demo “tape” for each of us, through which we would get some sideline work doing voice-overs and narrations.

If you’re curious about my voice-over work, or you need someone to voice an ad or narration,  please drop me an email  and I’ll send you my demo (~ 2MB in size, 1 minute in length).  It contains a number of samples of voice-overs, presenting different styles suitable to television or radio ads, corporate messaging or documentaries.

To date, I have scripted and voiced a couple of dozen self-running demos and instructional videos for my current employer, and continue to develop new voice-overs on a regular basis.

My voice will be heard in the demos we’re running next week at my company’s booth at the 2012 RSA show in San Francisco.  If you’re interested in hearing these in order to determine whether you’d be interested in getting my demo.  Click through to any of the following links (the context of the product may or may not appeal to you, but you can evaluate my voice-over).  The following were all recorded in my own studio. , ,,

In my studio I have a number of condenser microphones, tube pre-amps for silky vocals, a mixing panel and an audio-to-USB connector that permits highest-quality transfer into the PC where I record direct to hard-drive. I record using Audacity or Adobe SoundBooth, and can produce the resulting file(s) as MP3s, WAV, or any other sound format desired.

I’m sure I can do a great job for you


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