Taking a short “wander” around Unionville, ON

Yesterday Basia, her brother Andy, his wife Crocetta and I took a short walk through the charming Main Street in old Unionville, ON.  It is quite pretty with a number of buildings on the main street and surroundings looking to be well into the “Century Home” category. However, yesterday’s cold temperatures were biting enough that we didn’t want to spend hours exploring the side streets.

After nosing around for a while, we ended up at Blacksmith’s Bistro for a late lunch (around 3PM) partly because their menu looked intriguing, and partly because everything else except the coffee shops was closed.  This turned out to be a very happy turn of events, as everything we ate was absolutely excellent.  Our waiters were very attentive and knowledgeable, the food delicious, and the upstairs dining area at the back of the building had the most beautiful light pouring in the windows.

If you’re ever near Unionville (ideally not in winter though it has its charms),  both a walk down Main Street, and the Blacksmith’s Bistro for lunch or dinner are highly recommended as time well spent.


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