Nikon F4s

I have finally acquired a pro-level Nikon film camera body – an F4s.  This past weekend yielded some better weather and lovely quality of sunlight, as I have been dying to go off into the hinterland to take some photos with this amazing instrument.  Many photo experts feel that this was the most innovative and game-changing camera that Nikon has produced, before or since, as most have been incremental changes over their predecessors.

For some great reviews and other resources on the Nikon F4, see:

Ken Rockwell’s review of the F4

Nikonian’s Review of the F4

Nikon's F4S - the most innovative Nikon ever?

Nikon’s F4s – probably the most innovative camera Nikon ever made

The F4s weighs a lot, and feels so very solid and competent in the hand.   I was recently able to get a Type E replacement focusing screen for it, which has faint grid lines overlaying the viewing field/focusing screen.  This will help a lot with my perpetual problem of getting the horizon just slightly askew (which can also be attributed to not taking enough time on the shot to know that I have all the variables just so), and will also aid in thinking through compositional elements better.  Realistically nobody needs grid lines to do these things if he can take his time, but sometimes the moment passes too quickly, so the shot must be taken regardless.

Basia and I went to lovely Niagara-on-the-Lake Monday afternoon, and I took a number of shots with the F4s while there – looking forward to getting those developed when I finish the roll.

Will scan and post some of the better shots into this article later.


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